RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WVNS) — The beach at Lake Stephens was empty on Memorial Day 2023.

Rain kept many indoors despite pools and beaches in the region opening for the summer. The founder of Yeet Street Discs, a North Carolina company, was at the Lake Stephens Disc Golf Course, despite the rainy weather.

Andy Joslin founded Yeet Street Discs during the pandemic after he first played disc golf with his sister, Julie Agnor, and his brother-in-law, Mark Agnor.

“Being an outdoor sport with natural distancing, it was a great sport to get out with your family and enjoy some time outside when you were kind of cooped up and it just kind of stuck,” Joslin explained. “We liked it. Me and a friend of mine decided, hey, it’s hard to get the discs that we want so why not open up a store?”

The Lake Stephens disc golf course is open on rainy days when the beaches and splash pads may not hold appeal.

“It’s Memorial Day, and so we had to do something together, and this is a great way to be active, and even though we’ll get a little wet, we’ll have great memories of splashing around in the mud and looking for discs,” Mark Agnor said.