WHEELING, WV (WTRF) – If you’ve tried looking for face coverings in stores recently, you know it isn’t an easy task.

The supply of masks remains low just as people are heading outside and needing them the most. But a steady supply of them has popped up in the Ohio Valley—not from a business or a factory, but from a single home in Wheeling.

“The need was there, so we did it,” said Ruby Cupp, a Clearview resident. Mickey and Ruby Cupp have made more than 1,200 masks for anyone who needs them—entirely for free!

They say they didn’t have much experience with sewing, but when they heard a family member was only receiving one face shield per week as a physical therapist, they found their machine and got to work.

“Sitting around doing nothing, with the epidemic, it gave me something to do, so I enjoyed making them,” said Mickey Cupp. “People seem to like them.”

With a donation from Joanne Fabric, they had everything they needed to begin the process. Mickey says he was only able to make a handful per day at first, but is now at the point where he can make a couple dozen.

From plain-colored masks to superhero and even Pepsi-themed ones, they’ve made sure to cater to everyone’s fashion sense.

“And it’s been fun, it’s like, you’re at least doing something,” said Mickey Cupp.

The Cupps say they haven’t had to look for organizations to donate their work. Those looking for masks have found them.

They’ve sent them nationwide and have even supplied some for the Air Force. But even as they supply other parts of the country, they still make enough for right here at home.

They hang masks on their fence so those who need them can pick them up and keep social distancing.

Ruby says they don’t have plans to stop anytime soon. “As long as it’s needed, and as long as we’re able, we’re gonna do it.”