BEAVER, WV (WVNS) —  The Education Alliance holds two “Edtalks” a year and the second one in 2019 was held on Thursday, June 13 at New River Community and Technical college 

Three speakers were invited to share their opinions on education in West Virginia. The three speakers were Jada Reeves, the 2019 West Virginia Teacher of the Year, Brad Price, Assistant Professor at West Virginia University, and Dan D’Antoni, Marshall University Basketball Coach.

Reeves discussed how she operates her classroom with her students in mind.

“Having fun is the main element in my classroom but I take it to the next level. I want them engaged but I want them at the highest level which means empowerment,” She said.

Education Alliance wants to bring the community closer to the school and its educators. Amelia Courts is the president of Education Alliance and was happy to see more than 100 people there to support education in our state.

“People are here for, they are passionate about, education. It’s a hot topic in our state right now. I think people want to support our students. They believe education is important, so they value the opportunity to come and hear different ideas and also talk and share their own perspective,” she said.

Price focused on the importance of integrating businesses in the schools to help students imagine their future. 

“Because it allows students to see other professions than what they may see at home or what they may see when they are out in the community. It allows them to see what is out there in the world for them. It inspires them. It can show them what’s there. The whole goal should be to show what they could do,” he said.

Education Alliance wants to prepare the students of our state for their future. The motif they used Thursday was,”West Virginia ready students.”