LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS) — Discussions are heating up surrounding the potential removal of a confederate soldier statue in Lewisburg, and it’s an issue with strong opinions on both sides.

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved that statue. I don’t look at it in remorse or nothing, it’s just a part of West Virginia. Leave it alone!” said Lewisburg resident Shelby Oreolt.

The statue of a confederate soldier was given to the city of Lewisburg in 1906 by the Daughters of the Confederacy.

Although sympathies across what is now West Virginia varied at the time of the civil war, the Greenbrier Valley was considered a confederate stronghold, with 3,000 soldiers from the area fighting for the Confederacy.

However, with many confederate statues across the country coming down in the past few years, discussions in Lewisburg are once again starting up about whether folks think the statue should stay or go.

“If the people that are bothered by it have a solid reason, which I feel like many do, it should be listened to,” said Lewisburg resident Laura Gisela. “Because it’s something where if it’s bothering people or causing any sort of emotional distress, why keep it up?”

One proposed compromise is to move the statue to the nearby confederate cemetery. That way, folks who want to see the statue can still go see it without it being featured so prominently in the downtown area.

“(Moving the statue to the cemetery) doesn’t matter, just as long as it stays in place to be a part of history. So the kids can learn from it,” Kenny Hodge told 59News.

As of right now, the city government of Lewisburg has not responded to questions about their potential plan of action regarding the statue.

No official plans to move or take down the statue have been made.