PRINCETON, WV (WVNS)–West Virginia is the number one state for the most drug overdose deaths, but some organizations in the area are trying to combat this dangerous and sometimes deadly problem.

National Overdose Awareness Day shines a light on remembering people who lost their lives to a drug overdose and raise awareness about the substance abuse epidemic, especially in the Mountain State.

Southern Highlands, a Community Mental Health Center specializes in Crisis Stabilization and Substance Abuse Program.

Staccotta Dickerson and Lakie Delida, who is the OBMAT Director with the program said the number of overdoses they see varies day to day.

“Sometimes our Quick Response Team is out through all hours of the night they get calls from our rescue department they get calls from our ER, they get calls from police stations,” Delida said.

And one school in Mercer County aims to help combat drug overdoses.

Anna Lilly, Principal at PikeView High School said this is the first year the school keeps Narcan available to anyone on campus.

“Narcan is here because the more places we have Narcan in our communities the more opportunities we have to save someone who has overdoses on medications. I think it’s important because maybe we help a student who’s overdosed it may be we help a parent or guardian that comes in,” Lilly said.

Lilly says her administration is trained to administer the life-saving drug to someone who needs it.

Delida said Narcan is a true lifesaver.

“It saves lives. And sometimes it saves the same life multiple times. But that’s okay because if they’re still alive and breathing, it gives them a chance to get it and to seek recovery,” Delida said.