Page-Kincaid residents continue to battle dirty water problems


Page-Kincaid, WV (WVNS) — People in the Page-Kincaid area are continuing to suffer from unclean water issues. It is a problem that has been going on for the last year.

The water filtration system failed and members of the community, like Robert Bench, were left with dirty water.

“The dirty creek, that’s what it smells like” Bench said. “And this morning, I took the screen off of my kitchen sink faucet and it looked like really coarse ground black pepper came out of it.”

According to James Kincaid, the Chairman with the Page-Kincaid Public Service District, the plant reached the end of its life cycle.

“The plant’s ready for an upgrade” Kincaid said. “It’s kind of antiquated, and you can only patch so much.”

Kincaid said the filtration system started failing sooner than anticipated. He said they are now planning to install a new water treatment plant.

“The last of July, we should have this filter hopefully delivered and being installed and that is our goal at this point” Kincaid said. “Then, in the end of 2019, this project (the plant upgrade) will be up for bid.”

Kincaid said he understands everyone’s frustration, but believes the community will get through this challenging time.

“Sometimes the customers get angry, and we understand that,” Kincaid said. “I’m also a customer and when you pay for a product, you want it to be clean and pure. Well, with an act that was beyond our control, this happened and we got iron filtrating into the water.”

Despite the plans for a new water treatment plant, people in the area are still unhappy about paying close to $100 a month for water they cannot always use. Some residents told 59News they wish more was being done to help them in the short-term.

“If we have to pay for water, they should at least have to furnish everybody, put it on their porch for drinking water,” Lynne Arrington said. “Why they don’t do that? Why they’re not forced to do that? I don’t know.”

“I’d even be willing to go to the water company and pick it up, but everybody can’t do that” Bench said.

Kincaid added that although construction of the new, multimillion dollar water treatment plant will not begin for another few months, a new filter will be installed to the current system in August to remedy the water issues.

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