MERCER COUNTY, WV (WVNS)– Several parents protested the school mask mandate at Mercer County Public Schools this morning.

At 10:00 am, parents signed out their children for the rest of the school day or didn’t allow their children to go.

Parents Farrah Compton and Michael Shrader-Juba lost their jobs for refusing to wear a mask. Compton, a student at Concord University, is taking classes online due to the university having a mask mandate.

“We’re just tired of playing the political game. Especially when it comes to our kids,” said Compton.

Right now, Mercer County Public Schools’ mask policy is determined by the color on the DHHR map. Every Sunday, the school system determines whether or not if masks are required or optional.

Shrader-Juba says while he has nothing against parents that want to send their child to school with a mask, he wants to be able to make that decision for his child.

“People want to believe the masks work, then wear the masks,” Shrader-Juba said.

Both Compton and Shrader-Juba plan to attend the next Mercer County School Board meeting to voice their opinion.