PRINCETON, WV (WVNS)–Mercer County officials are urging pedestrians to take extra care as they see an uptick in traffic incidents.

October is National Pedestrian Safety Month. In Mercer County, two incidents in the span of a couple of days involved either a child or an adult being hit by a car.

Sergeant F.B. Ingole with the Bluefield Police Department said both pedestrians and drivers need to look out for each other.

“It’s important for the drivers to understand that there are people on the side of the road, be aware of their surroundings but it’s also important for pedestrians to understand that the roadway is where vehicles are operating so they have to be aware of the traffic situation,” Ingole said.

Lieutenant Jeremy Halsey, an officer with the Princeton Police Department said when a person hits a pedestrian, they often get scared and drive off, but that could make the situation much worse.

“Ultimately in the end the person that got hit needs help. If you take off and nobody finds this person for a long time and if that person dies it goes from you rendering aid to somebody that you hit to then now the person has been struck and killed which will definitely you’re looking at some serious charges if we can find out who it is,” Halsey said.

Lieutenant Halsey said if any traffic incident occurs, you should contact police. He said it’s all about being observant.

“If you see anything, let us know and people when pedestrians are getting ready to cross the road, just be vigilant yourself see where cars are and don’t take a chance what’s a few more seconds,” Halsey said.