GHENT, WV (WVNS) – Pokémon fans are gearing up for a slew of events set to kick off in some of the franchise’s titles this month. All of these events are in honor of ‘Eevee Day.’ Eevee Day is  celebrated on November 21st, paying homage to possibly one of the most recognizable pocket monsters and a sort of pseudo, secondary mascot for the series. 

In Pokémon Sleep, a week-long event begins on November 20th. It boasts increased spawns of eevee until the 26th along with quests to help along the way. 

If mobile games are not for you, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will be hosting two events in celebration. The first is a mass outbreak event that will focus on eevee. It takes place over the main region in the game, Paldea, and also in Kitakami, the location of the DLC. These eevee have a chance to have a mark, a rare feature in the Pokémon games. This event runs from November 17th until November 20th of 2023.

The third event is also in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but this will be a raid event featuring a 7-star eevee with a normal tera type and the mightest mark. This eevee can only be caught once per save, much like the past events like the mightiest mark charizard and the formidable mewtwo. This event runs from November 17th until November 20th of 2023 as well.

Trainers can take this opportunity to seek out the cute and rare shiny version of eevee! Though they might want to hunt down more than one so that they can have all of eevee’s evolutions in their shiny forms.