BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)– Certain foods at the grocery store might cost less for the Big Game.

This news provides a sigh of relief for many, as inflation continues to put a hole in pockets all across the country.

So, if you are planning a party for the Big Game, the ingredients you need might cost less.

Dr. Michael Swanson, Chief Agricultural Economist with Wells Fargo told 59News which prices are dropping.

“We were shocked by how much inflation had gone up. So, this year’s Super Bowl Report, what we’re seeing is a glimmer of hope,” said Dr. Swanson. “Steak prices are down, chicken wing prices are down, avocados are down.”

Dr. Swanson said one reason avocado prices are down is because of more crops and better transportation.

However, Swanson also said alcohol and beverage prices are trending upward.

“Beer is up more than wine and spirits and another one that really caught our eye are soft drinks. Soft drinks are up notably,” Dr. Swanson.

Dr. Swanson offered one tip if you want to try and cut costs more.

“Look at one store versus another. You might have to go to two or three stores if you really want to stretch your dollar,” Dr. Swanson said.