PRINCETON, WV (WVNS)– Mail carriers are hustling through this busy work week as they deliver hundreds of packages and letters for the holiday season.

Amanda Trail works for the US Postal Service at their Princeton Office. She said on a given day, she can deliver more than 300 parcels.

“We deliver tons and tons of parcels. The mail, Christmas cards all that stuff’s coming in now it’s very important for us to pick it up and get it out to the people as quickly as we possibly can,” Trail said.

Trail wanted to become a mail carrier since she was eight because she loved seeing the mailmen on her street.

She said it’s not always a glamorous job. She says some of the hardest parts of her job include curious animals and Mother Nature.

“Obviously you can see it, we’re out here in all sorts of weather that can be pretty trying. Our job every day it’s the same every day but the weather is what is really unpredictable,” Trail said.

If you haven’t sent your grandchild’s present or family Christmas card through the mail, you have until Saturday, December 17, 2022, to send it through Retail Ground or the First-Class mail service if you want it to arrive by Christmas!