BLUEFIELD, VA (WVNS)–The City of Bluefield welcomed two special visitors to tour the city.

Gordan Gee, President of West Virginia University, and Brad Smith, the President of Marshall University came to The Clover Club, a part of The Railyard in Downtown Bluefield.

City officials and the big wigs of Mercer County and the City of Bluefield met and spoke with both presidents about their summer tour. Gee said he loves visiting the Christmas City.

“What I love about Bluefield is, I love the leadership, I love the energy, I love the change in the way they think about themselves. The resiliency, the grit, the beauty of this community with all the flowers,” Gee said.

Brad Smith, the former CEO of Intuit and now President of Marshall said it’s always great to come back to Bluefield.

“Bluefield is now becoming the example for the state of how to dream big and reimagine and reinvent and Marshall has always been a proud partner of Bluefield so it’s delightful to be here amongst friends,” Smith said.

One topic of importance was how to keep the younger generations in the Mountain State.

Gee said it’s simple.

“Because they are our future. If we don’t have young people, we don’t have a future. And so we got to have great education, make sure we got to have great healthcare and create jobs for young people to stay here. If we do those three things, we’re going to be very resilient in our future,” Gee said.