PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) — Princeton Community Hospital spent two to three months planning and preparing for Wednesday’s active shooter drill.

The hospital recruited the help of the Princeton Police Department and the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department for the drill.

Karen Bowling, CEO of PCH, and Lieutenant Eric Pugh, a detective with PPD, said this is important because it’s a troubling time we are living in.

“With things going on in the world as they are, we feel it was very important that our hospital be prepared to manage should there be an active shooter or any type of emergency that we need to partner with the police department to ensure there’s quick action,” Bowling said.

Lieutenant Pugh said it’s important to make sure the job is done efficiently and effectively.

While we were not allowed to film the drill itself due to safety concerns, officers carried out the drill while the hospital continued normal operations.

“Our response time is extremely fast and that’s the number one thing in this situation is that speed. How fast can we stop the threat and how fast can we preserve life? And then we’re able to form a plan on how if anyone is injured, how we’re going to deal with that,” Pugh said.

They said having direct radio communication, cameras, and security within the hospital makes it easier to protect both patients and employees.