Prom Promise reminds Westside High Schoolers to never drink and drive


Westside High School had its prom promise Wednesday afternoon for juniors and seniors.

“Prom promise helps to give an example of what could happen if you choose to drink and drive” said Westside student Taylor Delong. “Where it’s two days before prom, it’s fresh in our minds and it could really prevent someone from making that mistake.”

The prom promise event is a staged performance of an drunk driving accident.

Students, fire fighters, police, and funeral home workers all planned and put on the prom promise to make the scene feel like an the real thing.

Makeup, fake blood, and actual vehicles and first responders help create an extremely visual performance, which student planners like Emily Prichard think will help better create a lasting image for everyone watching the event.

“We actually put it in a visual representation of what really happens” Prichard said. “We think that if we do that, it’s actually going to sink into them and make them say ‘that could be me, that could be my family, it could be anybody.'”

Firefighter and first responder Philip Dehart helps plan prom promise every year because the idea of drunk driving is no party to him at all.

“We want all the kids to come home safe after prom night” Dehart said. “A lot of the time, they’ll want to get out and drink and just have a good time because it’s prom, they’re graduating and we try to prevent anyone from having a serious accident or getting into any kind of trouble.”

Not only does prom promise serve as a reminder to never drink and drive, but the event also gives less experienced first responders an opportunity to use actual equipment and practice their skills for responding to real vehicle accidents.

Westside High School’s prom night is Friday, May 3rd.

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