Rainelle, W.V. (WVNS) – Churches, businesses and community members in Rainelle came together today to put on a drive through Easter pageant.

The tradition started during COVID-19 as a way to stay socially distanced, but stayed around as a way for the whole town to come together and get involved.

First Baptist Church of Rainelle, the Greenbrier Avenue Church of God, Rainelle United Methodist church and more Christian groups pitched in to tell different stories from the life of Jesus

“I think it’s wonderful,” said First Baptist Church Pastor Jason Marshall. “Jesus taught us that we’re all one big family centered around him. The apostle Paul taught that we are all the body of Christ. So to see all the churches come together and cooperate is a fantastic thing.”

Saturday’s drive through celebration was perfectly timed so viewers could avoid the snow and stay warm in their cars while they drove to different performances