BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — On Friday, March 20, 2020 Raleigh County Magistrate Steve Massie submitted his resignation as a Magistrate to Chief Judge Andrew Dimlich. In the formal letter to the court, Massie stated the action came after an interpretation of the Rules of Judicial Conduct from the West Virginia Judicial Investigation Commission (JIC).

On March 6, Massie was suspended without pay after a motion by the same organization was presented to the Supreme Court of West Virginia. A request for a hearing on the matter was filed on March 9 by his lawyer.

In Massie’s resignation letter he stated by the interpretation of the rules of conduct from the Commission, “his actions in service to God presents the appearance of impropriety and violates their court rules.”

According to the court documents filed in October 2019, the commission found probable cause to believe Magistrate Massie engaged in a pattern and practice of lying, using his public office for private gain, engaging in activities that interfered with the proper performance of judicial duties; and participating in activities that would appear to undermine his independence, integrity and/or impartiality.

Massie immediately denied he had done anything improper.

“After much prayer and thoughtfulness, it is my opinion that my continued service in the ministry and court would continue to create a violation of their rules, as they interpret them,” Massie said. “When faced with the question of the court or God, Mark 12:17 is very clear on what I am do do. It says ‘…Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, to God the thing that are God’s….’.”

Massie concluded his statement saying he intends to continue his work ministering to military veterans. He wrapped up by formally submitting his resignation from the office of Raleigh County Magistrate immediately.