A Raleigh County man requests new council during a preliminary hearing, Wednesday in Beckley.

Marshall Ratliff appeared in front of Magistrate Greg Tanner.

Ratliff told the magistrate he wanted new council.   He is currently represented by Steve Mancini.  The request resulted in a continuance.   Ratliff waived the time limit pending Magistate Tanner’s ruling.

Ratliff and Angus Moodie, Jr. are accused of shooting and killing Joshua Craig Webb, 33, of Beckley.

Moodie is charged with accessory to murder, possession of a deadly weapon and domestic battery. 


As for Ratliff- he admitted to pulling the trigger.   He is charged with first degree murder, battery and unlawful possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

The shooting happened in the area of 100 Main Street uptown Beckley.  Police tell us they were able to find the gun in a wooded area near Alaska Avenue.