SLAB FORK, WV (WVNS) — Jenny Waycaster claims she is a victim of identity theft. She said credit card and social security information were first stolen in May of 2016, and later stolen again in the 2017 Equifax Data Breach that impacted 147 million people nationwide and over 730,000 people in West Virginia.

Since then, Waycaster said she has been in three more data breaches and has no answers as to why or how. Waycaster said she is a customer of First Community Bank and reached out for transaction records and data relating to the fraudulent charges so she could pursue an investigation with the West Virginia State Police and Attorney General’s Office.

“The State Troopers need them. I said I have been in a data breach, I thought I had only been in one,” Waycaster said. “She said I will go through your accounts when I get a chance and she said I will see if there is any discrepencies and if I find any, I will call and let you know and I said they want copies of my accounts.”

She says she was denied any access to her account records until earlier this year when she received only a portion of her transaction records.

First Community Bank sent a statement to 59 News:

“At First Community Bank we’ve made tremendous investments in human resources, technology, and processes to protect our customers from fraud and unauthorized account access.  However, it is not uncommon in today’s connected world for customers to experience a payment card compromise.  It is important to note that a card compromise is not a breach of bank systems but rather a breach of the payment card itself, and is most often the result of legitimate customer account activity.  For example, paying for gas at the pump, entering card information at a retail website, and swiping your card at the grocery store are all activities that create the potential of a card compromise.   Anytime we are made aware of a card compromise we work directly with the customer to identify fraudulent charges, provide requested account records, issue a new card, and reimburse any confirmed fraudulent charges.  Due to privacy regulations we are not able to discuss specific customer account information or any specific customer issue.  However, we are happy to work with the customer you have contacted us about and assist in any way we can.”

Waycaster said the charges and uphill battle to finding answers has changed the way she lives her life.

“I do not go anywhere, I do not do anything, I do not have a life, I have always paid my bills, I have been so embarrassed, humiliated,” Waycaster said. “I have been stumped under and the people I have trusted the most have been the ones to stab me in the back.”