BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)– Workers at Raleigh General Hospital said it was a medical miracle that a woman lived after she had complications following labor. 

On Tuesday, February 7, 2023, patient Laura Cogar came to the hospital after going into labor, but things quickly went awry.

Even after a successful C-section, Cogar’s blood pressure dropped and her health began rapidly declining. She was put on life support and hospital staff rushed to perform surgery to save her life. 

After almost two weeks of medical help from all over West Virginia, Cogar finally was healthy enough to be with her healthy baby boy.

Brittanni Berry, registered nurse at RGH, says it is extremely rare to have an amniotic fluid embolism, and it is also incredibly unlikely to survive.

“Just to see that now she is thriving and doing great and the baby’s doing great, it is a miracle honestly,” said Berry.

Kimberly Hosler, Cogar’s mother, was there throughout the entire journey and endured the stress and terror with her daughter.

“I was very emotional,” said Hosler. “I mean, you have the baby you’re trying to help take care of for your daughter, and all that is going through your mind is like, ‘will my daughter ever see her baby?'”

Hosler said she will forever be grateful to Raleigh General Hospital and every hospital member that helped in saving her daughter and grandson.

Doctors said that after three more surgeries, Cogar had used around 40 units of blood and plasma total and that she is lucky to be alive. 

While Cogar is still healing from her journey, she should make a full recovery.