LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS)– Redistricting in Greenbrier County is causing confusion for some voters.

Jason Morgan in the Greenbrier County voters registration office said recent redistricting in the county is forcing some voters to visit new polling stations, even if they’ve been voting somewhere else their entire life.

“The biggest change is a lot of folks who have been voting in one certain precinct, have had to change to another,” said Morgan. “For example, my parents, who live within viewing distance of their old precinct, now have to drive five miles out of the way to go vote in Ronceverte. So that’s the one big change, and of course, nobody ever likes change, but that’s what it is.”

Morgan said the best thing voters can do if they are concerned about a new voting location, is to go to the Greenbrier County Courthouse in Lewisburg and vote early at the courthouse.