CLEAR FORK, WV (WVNS)– “What with being able to come back and take this job, it meant a lot to me,” said new head coach Justin Cogar. “It was really something that I had dreamed about since I played here, and being able to come back now as a coach was really dream come true.”

“A lot of history,” Cogar added. “I mean I graduated from here in 15. We had a lot of success that’s in my final year in ’14. I had a lot of fun as a player and made a lot of memories, so that means more to me, being able to come back as a coach.”

“Now, having that history with the school and I think it kind of resonates with the players too. ‘Cause, they remember those things and it’s kind of helped us build our relationship from player Coach.”

“Oh, it was surreal,” said Cogar about getting the Head coaching job. “I mean, I had expected and hoped that I would get the job. But you know, hearing it officially and seeing it put it out on Facebook and everything; it really just was it didn’t feel real to me and it really hasn’t felt real to me until this week.”

“We really got out there and started practicing it. It kind of hit me like wow this is, this is real.”

“We’re doing a great job so far,” sais Cogar on practice. “I’ve been really impressed with practice and we’ve had around 45 to 50 guys out here, which is awesome.”

“Right now we’re still in the competition phase of getting things sorted out, who’s who’s who and who can do what?” Cogar added.

“Kadien Vance at quarterback. He’ll just be a sophomore, but he’s a really smart guy going to be a really good player.”

“I’ve played quarterback since I was fourth last year,” said Vance. “I took a break ’cause I was sitting behind Jackson and I’m excited to get back out of.”

“Up front Isaac Prince, a senior, he’ll be at center,” noted Cogar. “He’s another really smart guy. That kind of direct the offensive line.”

“Oh yeah, we can for sure improve,” Prince told us. “You know we gotta build the foundation and that’s what we’re all about, so. I think we can do way better than we did last year.”

“I think a lot of people that you talked to say, ‘Oh well, let’s say it’s gonna be a couple of years before they can rebuild,’ but I think we’ve got enough talent,” said Cogar.

“Enough guys that have come out to play this year that we can have playoff expectations right now and so that’s what we want to do. We will be back in the playoffs and compete on that level and build on that.”