LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS) – Greenbrier county poll-workers reported much higher than normal turnout at the polls. That high turnout led to what essentially amounted up to a clean sweep for Republicans in the county.

New Senator-Elect Vince Deeds, along with fellow Republican Delegates Mike Honaker and Todd Longanacre, weighed in on what they thought motivated so many people in the traditionally left-leaning county to vote Republican.

“We had a God, Family and Service message,” Deeds told 59News. “Truly a conservative Republican message where we have West Virginia values and we represent West Virginia.”

“Well I really think what brought voters out is not just what is taking place locally in West Virginia, but across the nation,” said Delegate Mike Honaker, who listed rising costs and inflation as major issues for voters.

“I was actually very impressed with the margin, but not surprised,” said Delegate Todd Longanacre. “And I want to thank all the voters that actually came out and made your voices heard.”

Deeds defeated incumbent Democrat and current Senate Minority Leader Stephen Baldwin in all 5 counties in the district, with Honaker and Longanacre both winning by large margins as well.

Ben Anderson, the Chairman of the Greenbrier County Republican Party, said this is a historic change.

Paul Detch, Chairman of the Greenbrier County Democratic Executive Committee, gave background on what it meant in the past.

“To our knowledge, this was the first time this has ever happened in the past 100 years in Greenbrier County where we have won every single race, especially in a midterm election,” Anderson said.

“When it was blue, it was because we were Franklin-Roosevelt democrats and you were either a Franklin-Roosevelt Democrat or a Republican,” Detch commented.

The red wave in Greenbrier County extended all the way down the ballot, as one Republican did something that hasn’t been done in more than 100 years.

Jamie Baker, winner of the Greenbrier County Circuit Clerk election, will become the first Republican to hold that position in Greenbrier County in modern history. The position was held by Democrats in the county since at least 1919.

“I just think that it’s the change in the air. You know, people are switching to Republican. They are seeing what shape our country is in right now and they know that we’ve got to make a change. And thankfully I am one to make that change,” Baker told 59News.

Baker’s record-breaking win is symbolic of a landmark day for Republicans in Greenbrier County.