GHENT, WV (WVNS)– 59News caught up with some travelers to ask them if they thought about not traveling because of high gas prices, or if they were willing to pay more for a big trip this Memorial Day weekend.

Drivers gassed up and hit the road Friday May 27th as the memorial day weekend travel boom hit southern West Virginia. We hit the streets to ask travelers about their big plans for the weekend, and whether or not the high gas prices made them think twice about taking long road trips.

“No, but we did have to plan a little bit for the gas prices,” said Matthew McMahon. “We had to fill up before because going to a different state prices change, so we had to fill up in Ohio.”

“No, we’re on the motorcycle so it takes less gas,” added MaryAnn Williams. “But we still want to travel, still want to do things. So we’re going to do it.”

AAA projects Memorial Day weekend 2022 will be one of the busiest travel weekends of the last three years, with an estimated eight point nine percent increase in Memorial Day travel over last year.

“We do expect quite a large number,” said AAA Spokesperson Lori Weaver Hawkins.”Just memorial day weekend we’re expecting about 39.2 million people to be traveling between Thursday and Monday of that holiday. About 219,000 here in West Virginia.”

One thing travelers disagreed on, was whether they would consider staying closer to home in the future if prices kept going up. Some folks said they’d be less inclined to travel long distances if gas gets any more expensive.

“Oh yeah definitely,” Williams added. “If things keep going up higher we’ll be close to home. We’ll do the state parks of West Virginia instead.”

Others they’d cut costs in other areas to keep making their holiday road trips.