HINTON, WV (WVNS) — Employees at the Bluestone Dam believe sediment from a drill installing an anchor spilled into the Bluestone Lake in Summers County. Eric Jones is the Resource Manager at the Dam.
He said the recent construction on the dam gave him a theory for the source of the leak.

“It is still under investigation right now, but it seems likely there was an issue with the pump on the sediment control system and that pump has since been corrected,” Jones said.

The office found out about the leak through a video posted on Facebook. Jones said his crews immediately went to the site to start the cleanup.

“They responded to the site and were manually removed, followed up by a vacuum truck to get the containment out of the water,” Jones continued.

Jones said they have people on-site to constantly monitor the water.

“We have onsite contractors to monitor the water up and downstream. So not being caught for a long period of time is unlikely, but it is important to catch it when we did,” Jones stated.

Jones said if you see anything in the water, report it to their office.