FAIRLEA, WV (WVNS)– Nursing Mothers have a new tool on their side this year at the state fair.

This year the state fair announced the addition of the She Shed, a private barn for nursing mothers.

Moms can scan the QR code to learn how to gain access. Inside there is a changing station, breastfeeding supplies, comfy places to nurse, and helpful tools for new mothers. One young mother we spoke with says she would have loved to have a place like this when she was nursing her daughter.

“When I was nursing my daughter it would have been great because then I wouldn’t have had to feel like I’m shielding myself from the public,” said Bonnie Cochran of Brenton

Cochran adds it takes a village to raise a child and having the state fair as a member of that village should make all mothers feel welcome when their tots tag along to the State Fair.

“Being able to have the supplies like that especially somewhere like this would have been very helpful that way I wasn’t having to lug around 2 different kinds of bags and all this stuff,” Cochran added.

The She Shed is located by the Smokin’ Gun and Firehouse Diner.