GHENT, WV (WVNS)– The 2020 Olympics will mark the first time since 2008 that softball is played; that was until COVID-19 changed everything. On Tuesday, March 24 the International Olympic Committee announced they were postponing the Olympics until next year.

Two-time Olympic Medal Winner, Cat Osterman, said the team was excited about finally getting the chance to bring softball back to the Olympics, but suspected the games would be pushed back. She said it the IOC made the right call.

“Not to take anything away from it, it is still a major bummer. We were all really prepared to go over there in July an showcase our sport,” Osterman said. “But at the same time, for the health and safety of everyone comes into play, I just realistically can’t think of the thought of 11,000 athletes going into one place after this.”

Osterman retired in 2015 and said coming out of retirement and training her body again was easier and more fun than she thought.

“A perspective shift I’m sure cause I’ve always enjoyed playing. I don’t want that to get misconstrued, but it was a lot of fun with this group and even training with this group was fun,” Osterman said. “I try not letting being old get be to much of an excuse, physically.”

Osterman played in both the the Athens and Beijing Olympics, winning a medal in both. She said playing for your country is like no other feeling.

“I think the biggest thing is you step out there and one, your in another country, a majority of their fans,you’ll see some of ours mainly our parents friends and family,” Osterman said. “But the other part is when it dawns on you that the whole world is watching on TV, then it’s a whole other set of nerves.”

She also said they are waiting for the go-ahead to start training and preparing for the Olympics next year.

Osterman added the Welcome Back Tour they had in Florida, California, and Arizona was amazing, and she loved seeing all the fans come out again 12 years later.