Jessica Lynne Price wakes up every morning with prayer and petition before heading out to babysit her grandson. It is a habit that remains changed for years.

“[It’s] pretty much the same,” Price said. “I try to get out and do things.”

The routine started well before 2012, when a cancer-causing death in the family inspired her to have a doctor examine a fibroid cyst in her breast. It turned out to be a decision that eventually led to a lifesaving diagnosis.

“[The doctor] said ‘No, that’s not your cyst. That’s a lump,'” Price said. “So she immediately took me over to professional medical ultrasonics and had the mammogram done and the ultrasound done. When they’ve seen the nodules in… my right-lower lung, they needed to do a biopsy on them to see if they were malignant. They were malignant.”

Price was diagnosed at stage four, but the seven long months of intense chemotherapy, radiation, and other countless procedures never stalled her optimism, thanks to overflowing encouragement from her family, friends, doctors, and prayer warriors.

“Not once did they ever say ‘If this doesn’t work, you’re not going to live three years.’ Never,” Price said. “Never heard a work like that. It was a very positive environment.”

As of October 2018, Price is five years cancer-free. Above all else, she accredits her victory over this battle to her faith and how her God never gave up on her.

“I just believed,” Price said. “God was going to take care of me because he had given me peace. I’m not shy to say, ‘I’m a breast cancer survivor stage four.’ I feel like that I’m giving the God the glory and I want everybody to know it.”

Price encourages any woman or man to always get checked by a doctor whenever noticing anything suspicious.