CLEAR FORK, WV (WVNS)– The medical emergency that happened Monday night during the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals game has put the importance of knowing CPR in the spotlight.

However, one high school class in our area already teaches its students the life-saving maneuver.

The Future Leaders Program (FLP) has taught CPR and first aid to students enrolled in the program since its inception. 

This week at Westside High School, FLP students were taught CPR and first aid on an EMT level according to instructor Jim Cook. Cook also said one of his students already used her first aid training when a customer had a seizure while she was working at a haunted house in October.

“I went and grabbed a blanket on the bed I was on and I wrapped her in it and moved everything out of the way so she wouldn’t hit anything and waited on medical personnel to arrive,” said student Makayla Browning.

Cook added it is important for his students to know CPR because of the distance most families live from local hospitals.