CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — It’s cookout season, and a new study has determined the most popular adult beverage for barbecues in each state.

According to Cookout News, West Virginia’s favorite beer is Busch Light. Only one other state, Iowa, prefers Busch. Other favorites across the nation include Bud Light, which is the most popular in America, White Claw, Budweiser, Coors Light and Miller Lite.

Here is a breakdown of how many states prefer each:

Each state’s favorite adult barbecue beverage (Courtesy: Cookout News)
  • Bud Light – 24 states
  • White Claw – 8 states
  • Budweiser – 7 states
  • Coors Light – 5 states
  • Miller Light – 4 states
  • Busch Light – 2 states

While beer preferences seem to be regional, West Virginia is unique because it borders states with diverse beer preferences.

Cookout News used Geotagged Twitter data from the month of May for the study.

In addition to finding each state’s favorite beverage, Cookout also attempted to settle the “barbecue” versus “cookout” debate.

According to another data set of geotagged tweets, most of the U.S. prefers the term barbecue, but in West Virginia, you are more likely to hear holiday picnics called cookouts.

To see the full results and maps from Cookout News, click here.