(WVNS) — Getting kids outside these days seems like a challenge but with a nature scavenger hunt, it may become a little easier. Combining crafts and games it a summer activity that will certainly bring some fun to your family. For this project, we’ve included a re-usable sturdy option and a quicker, flimsier option.

-Sturdy, Reusable Option-
A Clipboard
8-10 Clothes pins
Multi-color Construction Paper (8-10 colored sheets)
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Stick / School Glue
Work Space


STEP 1: Begin by selecting 8 – 10 sheets of construction paper. Each a different color. The colors picked will be the color of the object that needs to be found later on.
STEP 2: Cut a 2 inch by 3 inch rectangle from each sheet of paper and set to the side.
STEP 3: Place your clipboard horizontally in front of you. Using your glue stick, coat one side of your rectangles and glue them to your clipboard. Spacing should be even and for a standard 8.5×11 clipboard, 2 rows of either 4 or 5 will fit giving you a total of 8 or 10 respectively.
STEP 4: Let the glue dry some before moving to the next step.
STEP 5: With the paper rectangles mostly dry, set up your glue stick and gather 8 – 10 clothes pins. The number needed will depend on how many paper rectangles you used in the previous step.
STEP 6: Apply a line of hot glue to one side of your clothes pin and place it in the center of your paper rectangle. Do the same until each rectangle has a clip with it and let dry/cool.

*NOTE: Making a second one or a few with different colors will add variety to the scavenger hunt.

-Quick & Flimsy Option-
Cardboard sheet – 8 inches wide by 12 inches long (8″ x 12″) *Does not need to be exact*
Clothes Pins

STEP 1: Using your markers, color the tops of your clothes pins. One color for each pin you’d like to use. The more pins used, the more items that will need to be found.
STEP 2: Along the long side of your cardboard, clip your clothes pins.

*NOTE: Coloring several clips different colors can be used to switch out those in play to keep the game fresh.

Option 1: With their boards, have your kids search for items outside that match the color associated with each clip. For green, a leaf picked can be clipped to the green clothes pin. Perhaps an orange flower petal for orange and so forth. The first to collect all their colors win!

Option 2: For older kids, adding a timed game can certainly be exciting. Using your clock app on your phone, set a timer. The first to complete their board or the one with the most found items in the time allowed wins!

Option 3: If the weather turns for the worst and an outdoor day isn’t possible, no worries! This can be used indoors as well. For a tasty reward, picking up an assortment bag of candy and hiding it around the house certainly get kids motivated. The clips on the board can easily hold wrapped candy, suckers, mints, and such. Apply the same rules as option 1 or 2 above can really add some fun for a rainy summer day.

This activity is great for younger kids who are learning about their colors. It’s a great way to discuss what they found too which can lead into other areas like biology. If they find a leaf or flower, help them identify the name of it. As for the competition options, it will be a good way to keep older kids entertained, especially if a tasty prize is waiting for the winner!