FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WVNS)– It is the most wonderful time of the year, and also the most stressful.

The added pressures of travel, family gatherings, buying gifts and more can be overwhelming. This is especially true for those with mental health battles and those battling substance use disorder.

Experts say those overwhelming feelings can make someone look for a quick escape.

“So, it’s not uncommon to turn to drugs to deal with the kind of sadness,” said recovery counselor and Master of Social Work Misty Woodard. “There is an increase right now, sadly because the type of drugs going around there’s increases in overdoses as well because of it.”

Woodard also said for those visiting from out of town, turning to unfamiliar substances can be deadly.

“It happens more often than you would think. Drugs are being laced with other drugs,” she added. “It happens all the time, people get drug screened for things and say, ‘I swear I only used this substance,’ and there’s a multitude of substances showing up. You never can tell anymore.”

She reminded those struggling, it is important to rely on friends, family and others for support, and if you lack that inner circle there are resources and support groups available.

“If you are going to use be safe, be around people, make sure you have NARCAN with you. There’s a multitude of services in Fayette County to help you, the Health Department gives out NARCAN and things like that through harm reduction.”

If you are struggling with substance use disorder and are in need of help, a list of resources can be found here.