LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS)– Parks and rec in the city of Lewisburg is not feeling recreational lately. Recent vandalism has left the city searching for ways to discourage it from happening again. The issues ranged from spray paint on the sidewalks outside the bathroom to people allowing their dogs to run loose, and not cleaning up after their pets.

So, the city installed surveillance cameras at local parks. Since installing the cameras, the department identified two different groups of people who vandalized the public property.

“There is a charge of destruction of property which that would fall under which is a misdemeanor,” said Police Cheif Chris Teubert. “It carries jail time, but, if the damage is over $2,500 it’s actually a felony and you could go to prison for that.”

Chief Teubert adds there is a leash law when you are out with your dog and if you are caught without a leash, you will be fined.