TAZEWELL, VA (WVNS)–One local animal shelter in Virginia needs help as they reach Code Red.

The Tazewell County Animal Shelter is on the verge of euthanizing animals to make space for new intakes.

Director of the shelter, Jenny Dawson said she’s thankful they haven’t had to go that route yet.

She said she needs assistance from the community

“We’re looking for good adopters to come and meet our animals and hopefully provide them a loving home,” Dawson said.

And if being in a code red situation isn’t enough, on Monday, June 13, 2022, in the morning, someone dropped off 17 cats who were forced into four crates.

Since the cat kennels are full, they simply don’t have the room for them and must keep them separate to avoid infecting the vaccinated, healthy cats.

Cloie McGhee, a worker at the shelter and a student who wants to become a veterinarian said it scares her to see what she might deal with in the workforce.

“It really angers me to see people just be so heartless, we just went Code Red, we were just full and for someone to make this harder on us sucks,” McGhee said.

Both McGhee and Dawson stress the importance of fixing your animal to ensure shelters and the community isn’t filled with strays.

“Anyone who is a responsible pet owner is going to encourage spay and neuter. There are medical benefits to it but most importantly we are in an area that is highly overpopulated with animals and the reason for that is the lack of spay and neuter,” Dawson said.