Text message scam circulates, claims to have “parcel owed to you”


BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Megan Buckner is not unlike your usual insurance agent. She relies on mass communication to get in touch with clients and coworkers in a pinch.

“[It] is vital to how we connect to our customers and how we keep everyone informed,” Buckner said.

But lately, she and many others are sounding the alarm of a potential scammer trying to find their way into their phones. The text message in question claims there is a “parcel owed to you” and you have to tap the link to confirm, which already raised a red flag for Buckner.

“I did not purchase anything. I just randomly received these text messages, and I’m not the only one,” Buckner said. “With the world we live in now, your information is everywhere.”

Some on social media claim the scam is associated with human trafficking, since it reportedly asks you to fill out your address.

Regardless, it is nothing new to the Federal Trade Commission, who says this is one of four primary examples of scams disguised as an account notification or transaction.

Whenever you receive an unwanted message with a link, the FTC has a few tips to fight back:

  • You can report it on the messaging app you use, if your device gives you that option.
  • You can copy the whole message and forward it to 7726 (which brilliantly happens to spell out the word SPAM).
  • You can directly file a report with the FTC here.

Buckner added to always do a double take whenever you get such a text.

“If it’s something important, they’re not going to text you,” Buckner said. “They’re going to call you, send you a certified letter… It will not come through text. So just think twice before you click on that.”

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