PRINCETON, WV (WVNS)–One hospital is helping new mothers navigate the infant formula shortage.

Princeton Community Hospital’s Women Center offers imaging services and birthing facilities for new and expecting mothers. With the formula shortage impacting mothers in Southern West Virginia, it leaves mothers panicking about how to feed their children.

Angel French, Director of Nursing with the Women’s Center said the hospital’s formula is even on back supply. This can impact mothers, their mental health, and postpartum disorder according to French.

“They never feel like they’re doing enough. So, having this to worry about on top of their medical problems if their baby is going home and it’s an early baby or it already has feeding problems then this just compounds it and they are in true panic mode,” French said.

French also says to be mindful of searching for homemade formula recipes because it can lead to dehydration and possibly hospitalizations. She said to contact your pediatrician before making any changes or substitutions to your baby’s formula.