PRINCETON, WV (WVNS)–5G will soon be available in one Mercer County city.

The City of Princeton is looking towards the future. How? By installing new cell towers within city limits on existing utility poles. A $180,000 investment by Network Building and Consulting LLC is making this possible.

Sam Lusk, the Director of the Princeton Economic Development Authority said the towers will be operated by the AT&T network and has a coverage diameter of two thousand feet.

“Well, it improves our capacity to access the network and what this does is it builds on to the existing 4G and creates the capacity to letter upgrade to 5G when that becomes available,” Lusk said.

With all of the upgrades with phones, computers, and tablets, a better internet is needed to stay connected. Mike Webb, City manager of Princeton hopes this can provide better internet capabilities for both residents and businesses.

“It gives residents obviously more tools for them to use for their phones and tablets and things of that nature. Businesses, it opens it up to the world, it gives them a higher speed, higher connectivity and we can bring more businesses to Princeton,” Webb said.

The city plans to have 13 cell towers installed. They will be turned on sometime in the early spring to early summer.

To see if you qualify for 5G, check with your local cell phone provider.