BLUEFIELD, WV (WVNS)– The long-awaited Beaver Graham Week is here! And there’s more to it than a football game, there’s also the economic impact on the city.

Jim Spencer, Executive Director with the Bluefield Economic Development said the dollars can add up for small businesses.

“It’s great when you have folks come home and they enjoy themselves here they spend money in the local economy whether it be staying in local motels or bed and breakfast, whatever it may be. They shop they’re buying their local merchandise from the high school they graduated from. It’s just a great time and it is a huge economic impact. Our restaurants will be busy,” Spencer said.

Speaking of restaurants, Emma Bailey one of the managers of The RailYard says they can’t wait to serve up hungry customers after the game. And her restaurant will be a part of the new Beer Garden held beside the restaurant at Big Whiskey Co. Building owned by the City.

Bailey said it’s important they’re checking IDs and giving out wristbands to make sure everyone is legal.

“We want to make sure that we’re only giving alcohol to people who are of age and keeping people safe and not overserving or anything so people can enjoy the game, enjoy the weekend and enjoy weekends to come,” Bailey said.

Another local, historic business that receives a positive impact from the week is the Grenada Theater.

House Manager Nicole Thompson said they’re also celebrating a milestone they can’t wait to share.

“It’s also our first anniversary of the re-opening of the Grenada Theater so we’re kinda killing two birds with one stone we have a great band that’s coming called EnVision and they’re a party band and they’re going to play everything from Motown to Pop to R&B and I think it’s going to be a super exciting night we’re going to be dancing in the aisles,” Thompson said.