MULLENS, WV (WVNS) — The Gypsy Bean is a coffee lover’s nirvana.

Owner Mavrick Massie offers handcrafted lattes, hot or iced, and made fresh at the moment.

From the first drops of coffee to the milk and syrup, to the froth and toppings, Mavrick makes sure each drink is just what a customer wants.

The 13-year-old coffee lover said he has his food handler’s license and operates The Gypsy Bean under the business license of his parents, Audra and Ronnie Massie. He said on Friday, December 30, 2022, that he started loving coffee at an early age. A few months ago, he set out to turn it into a business, serving it to customers at MJM Farms, his family’s pumpkin patch.

“I started doing a lot of research trying to figure out what I was doing, and, eventually, I found a niche,” said Mavrick. “I found exactly how and what I was supposed to add to it, and the business just grew from there.”

Mavrick said he had help from family, including his brother, McCrae, who was happy to sample drinks and give feedback.

“He got a lot of positive feedback,” McCrae said. “So that (he) decided to get like a menu and stuff and start going places for his teachers, people, just set up at events. And I think he’s did really good, so far.”

The Gypsy Bean has done business at private events in both Raleigh and Wyoming County, including a Wyoming County Board of Education party and a Christmas party at Tim Berry Real Estate in Beckley.

Mavrick personally created the house lattes, like the Candy Cane Collage and Gingerbread Man, two of his holiday drinks.

As with any coffee bar, customers can pick their own flavors and toppings. Mavrick said he only uses the best products, focusing on what customers like.

His dream is to give wheels to The Gypsy Bean.

“I’ve been saving my money to get a truck,” Mavrick said. “They’re extremely expensive, so all of my events are going towards buying one, so I can truly become a mobile coffee shop.”

The Gypsy Bean may be booked through MJM Farms Facebook page.