GHENT, WV (WVNS) — As temperatures begin to drop across the Mountain State, proper measures need to be taken by each individual to avoid high vehicle repair costs.

Jackson Dwiggins, a student in the Automotive Repair program at the Academy of Careers and Technology, listed a few measures that you can take to keep repair costs down.

First, making sure you have a good set of tires. All weather tires are recommended, and make sure they have a good tread on them.

Coolant is also a staple. Make sure your coolant to water ratio is in balance to avoid your engine block freezing up when temperatures plummet.

Finally, a good set of wipers can keep your windshield clear from falling snow and pelting sleet.

For the worst case scenario, being stranded somewhere, Dwiggins recommends keeping a quality set of gloves and a warm blanket inside your vehicle.

Students at ACT can assist with tire rotations and pressure checks before winter fully sets in.