BLUEFIELD, WV (WVNS)– Summer programs that travel for field trips, like The Wade Center in Bluefield, might have to start making tough decisions due to high fuel prices.

It used to cost $45 to fill up each of the school’s two vans but now those costs have more than doubled.

Betty Brainerd, Executive Director with The Wade Center said it has now taken a toll on their summer activities.

“It takes over $100 with the increase to fill the vans. That’s a $50 increase per van that’s $100, that takes a lot of the money that we would use to pay to go on these field trips,” Brainerd said.

Brainerd said inflation on other goods isn’t making matters better. They’ve seen increases in their utilities and ticket prices for certain field trips.

She said they don’t plan to cut all of the field trips but are being selective about where and what is best for the students.

Caleb Scott, a teacher at the center said they’ve had to adapt to keep the children entertained.

“We’ve installed a full computer lab with 3D printers and new computers and things like that. And we’re hoping with that, we can revitalize showing them what they haven’t seen in the world yet so they can learn and see new experiences and know what they want to do with their lives,” Scott said.

They’ve started doing in-house field trips like hatching butterflies or arts and crafts as well to combat the gas situation.

Since the center is funded by donations and sponsors in the community, Brainerd said she plans to reach out to them to ask for assistance with the additional funding.