HINTON, WV (WVNS)–One local organization held its first tour of the month to look at rescued and cared-for birds.

The Three Rivers Avian Center in Hinton is a non-profit organization aimed at informing the public about wild birds and the ecosystem they live in.

TRAC is also home to Regis, the Bald Eagle, the official mascot for the National Eagle Scout Association. The group welcomed visitors on a free public tour to view and learn about the birds.

Executive Director of TRAC, Wendy Perrone said those birds might be in danger.

“We’ve lost over 52 percent of the migratory birds that used to fill our skies. 52 percent, more than half, and that’s in the last 20 years. And the pace is accelerating. If we don’t try to get a handle on what’s happening, we’re not going to have any birds left,” said Perrone.

If you missed out on September’s tour, the last chance for the year to go on a public tour is the first Saturday in October 2022.