Tim Epling has been the skipper for the West Virginia Miners dating back to 2010, but as the team prepares for the 2019 season, they’ll take the field without Epling in the dugout for the first time in nine years. Tim has stepped aside to focus on something much more spiritual with his wife Diane.

“I’ve had this desire to help leaders for 12 years, and had this vision for Destiny Ministries,” Diane said. “Then, Tim and I met, and he has a similar desire for ministries and leaders, and we brought the vision together.”

Tim has always made baseball an important part of his life. From playing to coaching, he has given a lot of time to the game, but he says his faith has always been a huge part of who he is as a person.

“I’d always been in ministry to a certain degree, and I’ve always had God behind me whether it was in baseball, church, or whatever,” Tim said. “So, my passion has always been to help leaders.”

Just like bringing fans out to the ballgame for a fun afternoon, Tim and Diane are now focused on bringing the community together through Christ. Destiny Ministries is still in it’s infancy, but Diane says she’s already seen a great response from the community. Ultimately, her goal is to bring people from all backgrounds and different denominations under one roof.

“That’s the unity, that we’re talking about – bringing this ministry, and that ministry and this church and that church,” Diane said. “It doesn’t matter what denomination you are, just come in and let’s all be under one roof and celebrate God.”

With Tim and Diane launching this project, it leaves a question mark for the Miners: Who is going to lead the team back to the Prospect League Championship?

“I hired Mike Syrett, who played for us for two years and he was my assistant coach last year. Mike pitched in the Championship team in 2016,” Tim said.

Tim says he has nothing but faith in Syrett and the players to be successful.

“Success is when you allow God to direct your moves, and Mike is a part of that movement. So I have no doubt that our team is going to be in great hands,” Tim said.

The West Virginia Miners begin their 2019 season with a Home Opener on Thursday, May 30th against the Lafeyette Aviators. As for Destiny Ministries, you can check out their website or Facebook page for any upcoming events.