RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WVNS)–It is the season of holiday cheer and hitting the slopes, but high winds, ice, and heavy snow can bring down power lines. If that happens, it is important to keep yourself – and your house – warm.

“When you’re trying to keep a house seventy degrees and it’s 10 degrees outside, you’ve got 60 degrees that you’re trying to keep a difference from, from that outside window to the inside window,” said American Electric Power Spokesperson Phil Moye. “So there’s a lot of energy that’s needed to keep that house warm.”

The National Weather Service advised people to take several steps to stay warm. They advise closing blinds and curtains to keep in heat and stuffing towels or rags under the outside door, in case of a power outage. NWS advised people to put on warm, loose-fitting clothing and get enough to eat and drink, avoiding alcohol and caffeine.

Moye said AEP has several ways to help folks keep the heat on, from a budget plan to Neighbor-to-Neighbor and other payment programs. He added customers may also call the United Way helpline at 211 to find more assistance.

“If there are local agencies that can assist with a bill or help you if you’re in financial difficulty, that 211 is a great number to call,” Moye added. “They’ll have all the local resources.”

211 resources are based on area code.