BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Below freezing temperatures can cause water pipes to burst and leak, but one Beckley real estate broker says there are ways to prevent it.

Tim Berry, owner of Tim Berry Real Estate on Johnstown Road, said that, if a house will be vacant for a long time, a professional plumber should be called to drain water lines.

For short trips, it is important that homeowners turn off outdoor faucets and insulate those pipes that are most likely to freeze. For indoor pipes, Berry said, letting a faucet trickle can prevent frozen pipes.

“A little drip will do if you’re there,” he said. ” But the main thing is to open up the area underneath your sink, so the air can flow through, and keep your house heated at least 65 degrees.”

Berry suggested homeowners place a bucket under the faucet to collect dripping water for later use.