ATHENS, WV (WVNS) — Since 1972, the Title IX Amendment is helping not just students, but also student athletes to make sure they are not facing any gender inequality.

Sports have to deal with Title IX more than people think, between making sure the ratio of male to female athletes is fair to even the ratio of men’s to women’s sports teams. With athletic departments having to stay on top of this, most colleges see their athletes face less gender inequality than other areas of campus.

Jill Nolan, Deputy Coordinator for Title IX, said she sees the direct impact of the law.

“Looking at things like how to we scholarship male vs. female sports, how do we have access to facilities, what do the locker rooms look like,” Nolan said. “All of those things [are] trying to make sure male and female athletes both have equality.”

A common misconception with Title IX is it only grants protection to just women. The law actually grants protection to both men and women.