BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)– With the ongoing snow and icy conditions causing multiple school delays and cancellations this month, you might be concerned about how this is affecting the school year in the long term.

Raleigh County Superintendent David Price, said schools build a buffer of around six snow days and five remote learning days into their calendar every year to plan for winter weather.

So far, cancellations will not affect the final day of the year. However, school administrators are making multiple plans to adapt should more wintry weather cause future cancellations. 

“We have six OS days built-in, the first one we will be making up is February 14th, Valentine’s Day,” Price said. “The second is March 14th we will be making that up that turns into an instructional day as well.” 

Price added all area superintendents talk with each other and personally drive county roads before making the decision regarding school cancellations.