OAK HILL, WV (WVNS) – Bridge day is only a few days away and there are some ways to get ready for the event.

One way to be ready is to utilize the shuttles that will run all day during the event.

In all, there will be six different shuttle stops, with four on the south side and two on the north side of the bridge.

Some of the stops include New River Health, the Fayette County Courthouse, and Midland Trail High School. Shuttle rides on Bridge Day will cost five dollars.

Tim Naylor, Executive Assistant at the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce, said providing the shuttles will make it more convenient for both locals and tourists alike.

“It makes things so much easier because otherwise you are struggling to find a parking spot or your parking on the side of the highway. This is something we do not recommend because there is a real chance you could get towed. We highly recommend the people take use of those shuttles,” Naylor said.

Each shuttle location will be associated with a different color. You will be given a colored wristband to know which shuttle to take once the event is done.