HAIFA, ISRAEL (WVNS) — With tensions and stress levels reaching its limits, the Israel-Hamas conflict continues to keep the country of Israel on high alert.

Although the war is primarily in the Gaza Strip, residents are feeling the pressure as the whole country has been put on high security due to such hostile acts from Hamas.

59News was able to get an exclusive look from an Israeli resident who lives in Haifa, a country near the Gaza Strip, and to the north of Israel, to see what life is like in the country of Israel during this tragic time.

Most of the fights that are taking place right now are close to the Gaza border. Multiple kibbutz and cities near the Gaza Strip have taken the heaviest hits since these horrific attacks started on Saturday morning last week.

“These attacks came through the air and the terrorist groups penetrated Israel and massacred thousands of innocent civilians, men, women, elderly, children, toddlers, babies. They spared no one,” said Ohad B., a resident of Haifa.

With high tension, times of concern have also risen to a boiling point for residents as they keep up with the news and their surroundings.

“Obviously this is a stressful time. Everyone that I know is glued to the TV screen and in my area watching the news carefully, staying up to date through all of the major news outlets and social media. Of course, there is a lot of fake news going around social media, but the images, the stories, the things that are coming out from this thing, are horrific, and you can’t even comprehend that another human being is is able to do these types of heinous acts to to another,” added Ohad B.

There is also a lot of precaution and planning during these times. Residents must prepare and adapt to the next steps that they have to take in order to stay safe. Residents such as Ohad B. have taken such steps to keep themselves safe such as locked doors, locked windows, and locked gates at their home to try and keep him and his family as secure as possible.

Sometimes resources can be limited as well.

“So security is at high alert in every area in the country. You can get to grocery stores and get supplies and all that. Some of the things are in in low availability, but that’s understandable given the circumstances,” said Ohad B.

Social life is virtually impossible at this time as well. Restaurants are closed and only certain places will do deliveries. Shopping malls are closed as well, and only mandatory establishments are open at this time.

Residents must also stay vigilant and cognizant during this time as well. Any type of suspicious activity gets reported quickly and other precautions must be taken.

“But that’s what I mean by high alert, with every small obstacle that can be identified in the skies, or through the sea, or on land is reported immediately, or asked to stay in the shelter for like an hour until everything is verified as false alarm. And then we were able to leave the the shelter and go back to our sort of normal lives,” explained Ohad B.

With war comes hostages and people fighting in the war. It comes hand in hand.

I do have friends who know people that were abducted and taken hostage to Gaza, at least from the last time that I checked in, those same people can be now dead or presumed dead. But at the moment when I asked my friends about if they knew anyone that was taking hostages then yeah, people from that music festival [in Tel-Aviv] that took place. I know someone who’s had multiple friends being taken from there,” said Ohad B. “We [my wife and I] have multiple acquaintances, not any of my close personal friends or family, but we have multiple acquaintances that were drafted, whether it be reserved or regular military service that are in the northern border or even in the Gaza area.”

As the war continues on, the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not there will ever be peace. With Residents praying and hoping that there will be some type of resolution, this is an issue that raises concerns to residents, such as Ohad B.

“I can’t see any way that peace can be attained with animals coming in on a Saturday morning trying to butcher innocent civilians. I don’t think that’s people that you can reason with. I don’t see myself as someone who wants to reason with these types of people. I don’t think anyone would. I mean any human in their right mind wouldn’t want to find out that their sort of next door neighbor can carry out these types of heinous acts.”

“In all the years that Israel has existed, and we’re talking about 75 years since Israel was established it was never public knowledge, or advertised, or any type of assault carried out by the IDF [Israeli Defense Forces]. Our soldiers have the highest moral compass that any army in the world has, and you can see multiple videos online of soldiers dancing with Palestinian kids or protecting Palestinian people. Most of the times you wouldn’t see any act of violence carried out by an Israeli soldier unless he was provoked or forced into that situation,” added Ohad B.

Although stress levels have reached a boiling point, Residents feel that the Israeli people will rise up and come together to fight this injustice and get through this tragic time.

“I think the mental stress in Israel is at the highest level it could possibly be. It reached a boiling point, but that’s the thing about Israel we have a great mental strength which allows us to be able to rise up, especially at this time, and be able to rise up to the occasion,” concluded Ohad B.

Although there is not a definite answer just yet, in every resident’s heart, their only wish is to see the war end soon and come to a resolution.