BECKLEY (WVNS) – Many of those who served in the military have shifted back into the civilian lifestyle. Some go to college, straight into the workforce, or start a business.

Located in Beckley, ‘Dragon’s Den Gaming’ houses a variety of gaming merchandise and focuses on non-electronic gaming such as ‘Magic The Gathering’, ‘Yu-Gi-Oh’ and more.

This business is owned by Allen Walker.

Walker said his interest in gaming sparked early in his life and even through his service.

“I grew up in the 80s playing DnD [Dungeons & Dragons], that sort of thing. I got into ‘magic’ while I was in the military. There’s not much you can do while you are over in Iraq. So, some people were playing magic and of course DnD.” said Walker.

Before Walker entered the business world, he served in the Army and achieved the rank of Sergeant.

He served in Iraq and has been the owner of ‘Dragon’s Den Gaming’ for almost seven years, with the Beckley location being in town around for two years. 

Those who return home from military service are faced with a life-changing transition. Life in the military is drastically different from civilian life, and Walker had to deal with this change.

Walker said his transition back to civilian life a mix of easy and difficult.

“I started my military service late. So, it was probably an easier transition for me than most others because I was already familiar living as an adult in the civilian life. But it was still kind of a difficult change because you get used to that very structured environment and then you come into sort of like an open world” said Walker to 59News.

Veterans take pride in the service they have done, even through the hard times. 

Walker said serving was an honor, but it was also hard.

“It was probably one of the greatest experiences of my life and probably one of the worst but anybody that’s a veteran is gonna say the same thing. They both hated it and loved it at the same time. I miss it entirely, everyday, but I’m glad I did it” said Walker.

Serving in the military is an honor, but it also has its difficulties.

Many veterans come home and live a life that is drastically different than before. Walker is a perfect example of someone who has served their country and is now doing something they have always been interested in.

Allen Walker, thank you for your service.