ATHENS, WV (WVNS) – Concord University is an important advocate for Veterans and their families who are looking to further their careers.

CU was named as one of the most military-supportive colleges in the southeast region, in February of 2023.

This accomplishment does not come without dedication. Dr. George Williams is an advocate of the Veterans Program as well as an Assistant Professor of English at Concord. Dr. Williams gives insight into some of the resources the University offers.

“It helps you become friends. That’s really when you start to know someone and learn their hopes and dreams. And that’s really when you can help them better, is when you know them,” said Dr. Williams.

The pantry, located inside of the Veterans Lounge within the Rahall Technology building, is ran by students in the program. Students in need of supplies and food are welcome to take what they need.

A branch of the Office of Veterans Affairs is the Concord University Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success. This program provides a one-stop shop for student veterans.

The program helps students through various processes that are required as they progress through college, from application to graduation.

Carl McAlister is the Program Coordinator. He adds that through programs such as this, it helps guide veterans through every question they might have.

“It’s very helpful in a sense it creates that personal atmosphere. It makes it easier for them to come forward, because in my experience it is difficult for veterans to come forward and say we need help,” said McAlister.

The Veterans Affairs office also offers a Veterans Club for those who may be interested in joining. McAlister and Williams say that they always have an open-door policy, and everyone is welcome.